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Sat 19
1st XV
O. Priorians
Chingford v Old Priorians

Chingford v Old Priorians

By Nick Rumble
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Chingford v Old Priorians

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for the #BlackWhitenBlue!!!! GAMEDAY at the Hallowed Fields of Ching and the visit from our West London opponents of Ye Olde Priorians who do not play as Olde as you might think.

The Coaches had selected a team so tasty that Mister Kipling wanted the distribution deal and so imaginative in its make-up that JRR Tolkien could have written a bloomin' trilogy off the back of it!!!

This line-up, this team, this day, after an unlucky run of results would this be a turning point in the annals of the 2019/20 season for E4’s Favourite team, we would see as the sun was up, the sky blue, nothing else to spoil our view and the rugby for all to view!!!

Old Priorians would get us underway and kick-off to the now Waltham Forest renowned #BlackWhitenBlue and we’re off and running. Advantage from the kick already and Meakin was back conducting his orchestra once again. With Comber in at 9, the ball whipping into our 10’s hands and almost out as quick to the oncoming power of Ching , Yes, you’ve guessed it, one Connor Reynolds!!

Time for possession footy, some sublime passing and support play from the men of Ching taking us out of trouble and a clearing kick over the halfway line. Old Priorians would return the ball at pace only to kick back for the first line-out of the day, BIG MISTAKE!!!

With our very own Luke Campbell back in the pack unleashing and looking ready to ruck, the line-out team was prepared. Some GREAT ball would allow some silky play out of our 22 and then a silky miss pass from our conductor would unleash the returning Marchese, who, would attract defenders like the HEF at an evening soiree at the Playboy Mansion!! Great cover tackle to deny our first foray into OP’s territory.

At the ensuing OP’s lineout some great pressure exerted on their ball carriers forcing a knock-on out wide. Time to execute THE process methinks. Scrum down and what a PAAAARFUL front three, The Peter Pan of Ching Stevie Piper, the newbie Glen and of course the Powerhouse that is the Galloping Big Mak, Christaki!!

A TASTY second row of the Prince of Bants, Rabey and the lad Kieran and their respective wingmen, THE Jack Mays and Lukie C with Mister Soup sensation Reynolds ready to pile drive to glory!!! Meakin waiting five yards back like an unleashed Lion heading his pride!!

And then the ball from Comber hit a purring Meakin in stride who spotted something so magical Gandalf would have been impressed, a HUGE spiral out to another Returnee, young Joshy P who opened the Quads and unleashed THAT pace through a gap, lovin’ his step but a GREAT cover tackle was needed to bring him down and set up for more Ching power led by the Power running Coxy at Twelve!!

Some quick thinking by the Comber would lead to our opening kick at goal through which the Meakin would slot. Great start for the Men of Waltham Way, advantage #BlackWhitenBlue!!!

From the restart a quick double-pop would unleash the bouncing Lukie who made the first defender miss and set perfect ball for Comber, alas to no avail as a penalty given the other and a chance to level up. Fortunately for us their kicker left his boots at home and gave us a 22 drop-out!!

What a drop-out, great height and BOOM, The Big Mak on the scene turning ball over and a pick up from the Campbell would get us back on the front foot. Another quick ball from our man at 9, Comber allowed the Ching to play “Rugby” and with ball hitting the hands as crisply as a 6-pack of Walkers oven-baked we were off and running at frenetic pace leaving a path of Priorian defenders in our wake.

Priorians game plan was clearly to utilize their offload game at will and after a ruck it came to fruition as they moved the ball across #Blackwall, this time to no avail. Still defending like a pack of hungry wolves, some awesome tackles going in by the backline would release the ball into the hands of our number 8, that man Reynolds, who turns opposition to quivering soup, lovely offload to the Bants of Rabey, who would set up and the Ledge that is Piper would obliterate the incoming defenders and take them all for a trip that allowed the Comber to distribute at his will. The Ching ramping up the pressure, slowing the play to exert maximum defensive effort from our visitors. With only go-forward on our minds we turned the tourniquet and spread the ball wide to gain a penalty but a miscue would see the ball skew just wide for our Conductor of Ching.

Some awesome play in the first quarter and the crowd salivating at the prospect of the floodgates opening in the not too distant future. From the ensuing dropout the phases began, some great running from the backline making yards at will, continuing the great set up play allowing our 9/10 combo to boss the play, running lines of destiny taking defenders towards their try line and with a quick whip the Ching was in for our opening try. Great team score, just how we like it!!

With the restart out in touch and a penalty for the Ching, a GREAT kick by Triple-S, Henwood(Salsa-Side-Stepper) would pin the Priorians inside their 22 for the lineout that they won and moved the ball at pace across the defensive line and found a seam that they exploited to the max and made a huge gain but then an absolute bell-ringer of a hit by our chasing speedster the Magic that is Luke Watson stopped them in their tracks and the subsequent defensive stand was rewarded with the put in at the scrum. Great effort!!

A knock on at the lineout into the dead ball gave us a 22 drop out but the OP’s running game came into effect and their full of running fullback found some space and exploited before offloading. Momentum was with our visitors as a couple of penalties would pin the #BlackWhitenBlue back. A quick tap would keep us pinned inside the 5 yard line with a lineout to come Time for #BlackWall to unleash the Beast!!!

First wave would hold the runner up, back to a five yard scrum, awesome work by the pack and the Comber to counter and force them backwards. Great “D” UNDER huge PRESSURE!! From a lineout a nice little chip through put their full back in the corner for their first points of the afternoon.

From the restart the OP’s went through the phases but struggled to get back to the halfway thanks to some stern defence from the #BlackWhitenBlue of Waltham Way, until, a penalty gave them the opportunity for some downfield advantage. The ensuing kick putting them just outside our 22 yarder and looking like they wanted more points. A great line from their centre opened up the space and without some last ditch tackles he would have been in for sure. With all hands to the pump the Ching would defend at will. Although a little jagged the heart was working as one impenetrable organ and again the OP’s centre tried his luck but NO WAY THROUGH the #Blackwall and an inside offload would see the Prince of the Bants Rabey intercept and get us back on the good foot once again!!

The Ching still under enormous pressure would keep the “D” solid and everybody stepped up to keep the OP’s out. Another line-out more massive defence from a tiring team but still the Ching would not let them through. From a penalty and the ensuing lineout just outside the 5 yard line and ferocious defending would see wave after wave be sent packing. Solid team defence would see us reach the interval with our lead intact!!

Roll on the second half with the Mighty Ching looking to exert some of our own “Rugby” and put us on the path to victory here at the Hallowed Fields of Waltham Way!!!!

A change in personnel would see Big Bali Boy Dave return to the fold, backed up by the Power stepping Senad to give some fresh impetus and girth in the pack. From the lineout an immediate reward for Big Dave penetrating their ruck to win the ball for the Ching. WOW!!! What a return to action post Bali. After an interplay game of kick tennis a knock-on would give the advantage to the OP’s on the halfway line scrum. Once more the pack would turn over the play and we would gain the ball, awesome effort by the front 8!!

Enter the Tokyo Tangoing Duffus in at 9 to add even more to the home side. The three replacements heavily involved in the set up and the conductor Meakin spotted space to drop a sweet nudge just outside the opposition 22 yarder and then it was bees around a honey pot. A triple hit of Porter, Henwood and Magic. The OP’s Fullback was so confused he didn’t know what to do with all of the attention he received except to offload and then the OP’s were off and running but this time the chase of the Ching was on point and from the ensuing ruck the OP’s centre tried to offload but in anticipation Magic did what Magic does and nipped in just before and run in the first try of the half and the crowd went wild!!!!

From the restart a knock forward from the OP’s chaser allowed an easy scrum for the Ching just inside the 10, from the bottom of it Duffus fed Meakin who spotted space and hit a SWEET spiral miss pass to hit the Porter in full tasty stride and he took full advantage of the space laid out in front of him, with the fullback coming across the JP offloaded to Magic who was brought down just 15 short of the try line. Not this time but you could feel a change on the horizon as the Ching were in the mood for some “RUGBY”!!!!

Three phases down from an ensuing lineout and the #Blackwall had now become almost impenetrable as the Fort Knox Gold reserve!! Great communication, even better numbers in and around the breakdown. Only way to get out of this was to kick the ball to us and awaiting the ball to arrive was Magic who would show the oncoming OP’s defenders a taste of his dazzling footwork as left a trail of chaos and devastation in his wake. Chingford looking tastier than a Viennese whirl and some GREAT set up play would see the Ledge of Ching Stevie Piper just layout all comers to his title to set up the next breakdown. Unfortunately for us the kick through didn’t come off as a GREAT run by the OP’s fullback got them back on the front foot and out of trouble. Not for long though as the scrum half decided on the NFL route and the play would come back for a scrum down to E4’s Favourites!!

Some terrific play off the scrum and another Meakin nudge keeping the visitors bogged down in their half allowed us to gain the hard yards, a decent runback saw confusion in the defence and allowed the Ching to take control. A Power run from the Coxy at 12 set us up nicely just 10 out from the potential of another score. Big Dave setting up quick ball and confusion would reign in the defensive line and fully exploited by the Duffus who with an awesome handoff hit the throttle and powered through under the sticks. The Ching now taking the game away from the visitors.

A fortuitous kick-off straight to Senad, great set up and box from the DD putting the OP’s fullback under immense pressure would lead to a penalty that we would continue squeezing and attack from the lineout 5 out. Great throw by the Senad, take from Kieran for the set up, Reynolds ripping out to spread the ball early, Marchese with the Great hamstring testing pick up and floater to a speeding Duffus who left the defenders for dead and added a further score. The Ching now firmly in the driving seat!!

The Old Priorians now throwing everything and the proverbial at the #BlackWall, great lines, hands but the Ching would stand firm and repel all borders. The #BlackWhitenBlue in control. A scrum down on the halfway line, Duffus hits the Conductor, taking one step, completely changes direction and the Ching are at full tilting pace with Porter leading the charge before passing to Magic on his outside and remaining in support until the moment, the ball back on the inside from Magic and Porter scythes through the remaining defenders to touchdown for another GREAT score, the Backs coming along nicely after some fantastic forward play.

Into the last ten and Chingford now dominant in every aspect of the play. The Lukie Pick’n’Go, the Big Dave offload, the Duffus double handoff, if you didn’t want the first you’ll most certainly receive the second, now taking advantage of a tiring defence. With the game out of reach the visitors continued to play their game and the Ching Wall of #BlackWhitenBlue would not buckle, for it may bend but there was NO WAY THROUGH!!!

With some tough defence it took a great play to breakthrough and the number 15 of the OP’s would oblige once more. With the clock ticking down towards to final hooter it was advantage Ching at the scrum, the pack sucking those gulps of air to lead them to the promised land. One final effort to close the game out and give the adoring populous of Waltham Way another reason to get on it post game!!

The ol’ Five card trick, Comber lovely layoff to Henwood who hit Meakin in stride who in turn would unleash the full tilting pace of the Porter opening up the field before passing to a flying Magic for another GREAT backs score. What a way to sign off. Great score, Great win, Great team!!


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Sat 19, Oct 2019




London 1 North

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O. Priorians